Natural Stone Paving North Wales and Chester

Ruane Paving are experts in natural stone paving. We offer natural stone installations across Chester and North Wales.

Natural stone is a widely used material that offer a wealth of benefits, from the increased durability to its unique appearance. Suitable for a range of applications, natural stone is chosen for many reasons.

Benifits of Natural Stone Paving

Unique Appearance and Quality

Each piece of natural stone has a unique blend of colours and tones, resulting in an end product that is completely bespoke; unlike manufactured materials where pieces are are identical and comparatively characterless.

Excellent Durability and Versatility

Due to the inherent properties of natural stone, it can last for years with very little maintenance. In addition to this, it can be cut, profiled and finished to any required shape or size.

Added Property Value

Natural stone can increase the overall value of your property; making it an investment that offers benefits for years to come.

Natural Stone Paving
Natural Stone Paving North Wales

Transform Your Outdoor Paving, Driveways & Patios

Here you can see the before and after of a small garden which involved the installation of Tandur limestone with a tumbled edge to give a rustic, well worn effect, which was then sealed with a colour enhancing sealant.

We also included a raised railway sleeper planting bed at the rear with the top sleeper turned on it’s side to double as extra seating.

As an alternative we can also recommend looking into Porcelain Paving.

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